The Transformational Power of Full Moon Fire Ceremonies

Fire ceremony has been practised for thousands of years throughout the world. Indigenous people have always known how to bring about rapid transformation using this powerful elemental practice.

 It is especially helpful when there is a need to release old ways of being and allows us to honour, in a sacred way, the lessons we have learnt from the past, and so invite rebirth and regeneration into our lives. It is a powerful practice, and when done correctly with a genuine heart, the results are immediate and profound.

 Fire ceremony is typically held around the full or new moon of each month as these are the most powerful evenings enabling an intense connection with the other worlds.

Full Moons create storms in our world with their whirlwind of frequencies. They provide a catalyst for us to feel—and feel deeply. They are a time of opposition, crisis, and breakthrough. They bring a certain intensity that can stir up emotions buried below the surface of our beings. Once the storm clears, so do old feelings and past regrets.

The full moon can open our minds, bring us new perspectives, and help us rewrite old stories. If we’re willing to flow with this energy, it can give us just what we need to break through old patterns and outdated thinking into a new reality.

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