The Importance of Hydration

Lifestyle, genetic makeup and life history are drawn upon to establish a personalised approach to healthcare, by identifying the root cause of the symptoms

Did you know that the human body consists of 70-80% water, with blood plasma being closer to 92%? 

Every reaction and function in the body requires water. For example, communication between cells, all biochemical reactions, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, removal of free radicals, rejuvenation of the skin, and functioning of the immune system. The presence and actions of water also control the metabolism of emotions, and from a bioenergetic perspective, water is strongly associated with the emotion of joy and the acceptance of joy in one’s life. 

Proper hydration does not just mean fluid intake. Water must be able to cross the cell membranes in both directions, transporting nutrients into cells and products and wastes out of the cells. In fact, people can drink a lot of water but still be dehydrated. 

Hydration is critical for any health situation, and the BodyTalk technique for hydration is designed to ensure this effective utilisation of water. 

Some signs of dehydration are, arthritic pain, impaired metabolism, malnourishment, gastrointestinal pain, lethargy, headaches, cellular degeneration and poor coordination.

Get in touch to find out more about the ways BodyTalk can help support your body best utilise the water cells need for all their functions. 

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