Distance healing, surrogate sessions,  and the science behind BodyTalk

Lifestyle, genetic makeup and life history are drawn upon to establish a personalised approach to healthcare, by identifying the root cause of the symptoms

BodyTalk is a consciousness based healthcare system based on Quantum physics which is a branch of science that deals with invisible units of energy called quanta.

Research has demonstrated that when the smallest ‘particles ‘ are broken down even further, there exists only vast amounts of space, nothing is separate,  everything is connected. In addition to this philosophy,  Bell’s Theorem states that each and every electron must know exactly what every other electron in the universe is doing in order to know what it, itself has to do at any given moment.

Therefore everything is interconnected, when something shifts somewhere,  then all other elements respond and also shift too. This theory also helps to explain how distance healing works too.

Another way of explaining the concept is that the universe and everything in it is holographic in nature. When performing a session using a surrogate the focus of the practitioner is always on the clients hologram for information, we are trained to ‘tune in’ using both left and right sides of the brain,  the left brain knowledge we gain from our studies of anatomy and physiology,  ancient and traditional medicines and the right side of the brains intuitive capabilities. 

When we have observed what is out of balance within the client,  we use a series of techniques to bring about the changes necessary to restore the natural consciousness of that area of the bodymind ( we understood that the body and mind are not separate).

Distance Treatments: Questions and Answers

1) Do I need to be at home and/or lying down during the session?

Sessions are done easily during normal everyday activities but most people tend to like to relax or engage in a quieter activity during their session time.

2) Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Nothing specific needs to be done in preparation.

3) What will I notice following a session?

It is necessary for you to monitor not only how you feel physically but also watch to see if you’re responding mentally and emotionally in the same manner in similar situations in comparison to previous events and responses. Often a general sense of well being is noted along with other changes. Those sensitive to energy may notice tingling, heat, cold or other sensations throughout their body. Healing is individually tailored and rate of results being noticed vary with the individual. This does not mean nothing is happening. It does mean that healing is occurring on a deep level to which the individual may not be aware, for example, the subconscious level.

4) When will I find out the details of my session?

Depending upon your preference, you will be contacted by telephone, email or an audio recording will be sent. This will be done the same day of the session.

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