The Blueprint

The primary assumption in this work is that there is an energetic template or blueprint of health for the human body, a storehouse of information that guides the development of the individual in conjunction with ancestral, genetic, and environmental influences.

Many other systems of healing, philosophy and religion have posited the existence of this information in various forms. It has been described in the Kabala as the Adam Kadmon, the original human, sometimes defined as that pattern which, animated by light, gives birth to life, repairs and heals. We find a similar concept in the theory of Platonic ideals, in the principle of universal archetypes, Goethe’s Ur phenomena, the mold of man as described by Carlos Castenada, and in the “blueprint of health” of the biodynamic osteopathic world view. While all these, and many more, descriptions of the blueprint have their differences, they are all pointing to a similar phenomenon.

The work of Harold Saxon Burr and Robert O. Becker also looked at the possibility of an energetic or electrical blueprint as a field that surrounds the body. Physicist Ervin Lazlo, in his book “Science and the Akashic Field” proposes the theory that the universe is not only a vast field of energy, but also a field of information, and that information forms and shapes our existence.

The advances in modern physics, emergent phenomena, field phenomena, complexity theory and the holographic nature of the universe may yet bring scientific evidence of the blueprint. Lynne McTaggart’s book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe describes many experiments being done along these lines. The theory of genetics and heredity was formed long before the actual discovery of the gene and the human genome project. We may find the same to be true of the blueprint.

In SourcePoint Therapy, one studies the principle of the Blueprint and learns to access this field of information to facilitate healing.